My Bachelorette Painting Party


In the time since my last post, we’ve mostly been busy with wedding planning. We finalized the music selections for our ceremony and reception. We organized our seating chart and coordinated with the florist. We ordered our cake topper, created a program for hotel guests, and figured out our favors. We sorted hundreds of pearls based on size and shape: flat-bottom, large, medium, small, very small. But the best part of the past two weeks was the one thing I didn’t plan: my bachelorette party!

My cousin Nikki is my maid of honor, and since we were kids we’ve been thick as thieves. We used to put on plays for our family, make Backstreet Boys music videos, publish and distribute our own newsletter, and so much more. She knows the kinds of things I like and, more importantly, knows me for who I am. So she knew how to throw the best bachelorette party I could ever hope for. Here’s a photo of Nikki and me from the day of the party:


We’d planned to do a group painting class, where an instructor walks you through the creation of a particular image—from how to blend colors to which brush to use for what type of stroke. But instead of signing us up for a class open to the public, Nikki recruited my closest friends to make sure we could snag a private room. They decorated with streamers and balloons and plenty of food, including muffins, donuts, fresh fruit, assorted cookies, and a cake that was beautifully designed to look like the picture we were going to paint: Rapunzel and Flynn drifting on a boat, with floating lanterns hovering in the sky above.

After we enjoyed some chilled Starbucks beverages and took some photos, we started the class. Though I’d never really painted before, our teacher simplified each step so it was easy to follow. I most enjoyed working on blending the background colors and constructing the castle; I was less happy with how my people came out. But overall I had a lot of fun, and it was great to see everyone put their own spin on their works of art! I think all of them look amazing in their own way, and I’m definitely going to treasure mine as a reminder of how much I appreciate my family and friends.


Next, we went to brunch at Lilly’s in White Plains, where we ordered two types of pizzas, chicken and waffles, a truffle omelet, and fries. We all shared the food and everyone surprised me with gifts. Then I had a little surprise of my own: I had bought each of us bracelets woven into a knot at the top to thank everyone for helping me tie my own nuptial knot. We all put them on, along with the “Team Bride” accessories Nikki had supplied us with.


As the wedding nears (only three and a half more weeks!), I’m nervous but mostly excited. I can’t wait to start a new chapter in life with Todd, who complements me in every way. And I’m so happy to know that no matter what the future holds, I have friends I can count on to be there for every part of it.


6 thoughts on “My Bachelorette Painting Party

  1. What a fun celebration of love and friendship, Chris! ♥ I’m so happy and excited for you and Todd as you begin this wonderful, new chapter in life! Enjoy the countdown to your wedding day! ♡

      • The time has really flown by quickly!! Cherish each moment during this special time in your life, Chris! Can’t wait to see pictures! Big hugs! 💗💗

  2. I can’t believe how time has gone so fast. You will be a beautiful bride! Remember to enjoy your day with everyone who comes, the day goes by so fast. I hope you do a fun dance with your friends, that is always a great memory.

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