Per Merriam Webster‘s dictionary, a sage is one who is “wise through reflection and experience.” This collection of essays, photos, articles, and links represents my own journey along the road to wisdom and the lessons I am learning along the way. But not everything in life is serious. Nothing represents fun times and laughs better than my favorite fruit—a bright, juicy pineapple.

And that’s how Pineapple Sage came to life. I typically write about broad topics—writing & publishing,  travel & Hungary, exercise & healthy living, gardening & the outdoors, and love & relationships—but I hope something will catch your eye and that you’ll share your own stories with me for at least a brief spell. A few more details about me:

  • I work as an assistant editor but I’m also a closet writer
  • I studied journalism and politics as an undergrad
  • I love classic American literature almost as much as fantasy novels
  • I am obsessed with books and reading in general
  • I love to cook healthy recipes and stay active in nature
  • I am currently attempting to learn German, while retaining my ability to speak Hungarian
  • I am subscribed to more than a dozen magazines. My favorites include National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler, Runner’s World, Running Times, Bicycling, Women’s Health, Self, Good Housekeeping, and HGTV Magazine 

Take a look around and leave some suggestions. I’m excited to walk with you for a while—or maybe forever.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Chris,
    I just LOVE the title of your blog! I read your thoughts on gardening. Just be patient… and you will learn to be a wonderful gardener! When I bought my home, almost 30 years ago, the garden was flourishing. I remember watering everything, until the weekends when my mom would come visit and teach me the difference between flowers and weeds! I just love spending time in my garden! I’m also a brand new blogger. Come visit sometime… ♡ Dawn

    • Hi Dawn,

      Great to meet you! I hope you’re right. I’m excited to learn as much as I can about gardening. Although I only have a small garden for now, one day I’ll hopefully have lots of land with a mixture of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. I’ll definitely check out & follow your blog 🙂

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