Per Merriam Webster‘s dictionary, a sage is one who is “wise through reflection and experience.” This collection of essays, photos, articles, and links represents my own journey along the road to wisdom and the lessons I am learning along the way. But not everything in life is serious. Nothing represents fun a better than my favorite fruit—a bright, juicy pineapple.

And that’s how Pineapple Sage came to life. I typically write about writing,  travel, exercise, healthy living, gardening, and love; I hope something will catch your eye and that you’ll share your stories with me, too. I’m excited to walk with you for a while—or maybe forever.

My newest venture is acting as a magical vacation advisor, specializing in Disney vacations! (If you’ve seen my blog posts, you know I’m obsessed.) To contact me about that, message me on Facebook messenger at m.me/MVPChrisDoka or email me at c.doka@magicalvacationplanner.com!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Chris,
    I just LOVE the title of your blog! I read your thoughts on gardening. Just be patient… and you will learn to be a wonderful gardener! When I bought my home, almost 30 years ago, the garden was flourishing. I remember watering everything, until the weekends when my mom would come visit and teach me the difference between flowers and weeds! I just love spending time in my garden! I’m also a brand new blogger. Come visit sometime… ♡ Dawn

    • Hi Dawn,

      Great to meet you! I hope you’re right. I’m excited to learn as much as I can about gardening. Although I only have a small garden for now, one day I’ll hopefully have lots of land with a mixture of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. I’ll definitely check out & follow your blog 🙂

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