Music: Calendar Year Album Release


Todd’s latest music endeavor is a duo called Calendar Year, formed with his friend Rob—and they’ve just released their first album, Jaded, Apathetic, with No Hope for the Future! It’s a sort of indie-rock blend that has punk and emo influences and describes their attempts to “determine their place in the world.” Todd’s on drums and backup singing/shouting; Rob’s on guitar and vocals. Please check it out. The album is free (donation-based) to download from Bandcamp and streaming on Spotify, or you can just listen below:


Friday’s Nightmare Dreams Big with New Music and Merch


Since 2009, Staten Island band Friday’s Nightmare has dabbled in the local music scene, playing small-scale shows and focusing on their most popular songs. But recently they stepped up their efforts, releasing a seven-song EP in 2013 and a double A-side single, Animals, in 2014 on Shoreline Records. Their DIY ethos has spurred the creation of super cute t-shirts and an upcoming music video to help build their fan base, get booked at bigger venues, and have some fun.

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