1-Month Garden Update: Lettuce, Herbs, and Corn Stalks


It never ceases to amaze me how much the garden grows in only one month. Though it feels like not much has changed in my life—still editing, still wedding planning—my little sprouts have shot upward at an astonishing rate (especially in the case of the corn we planted this year.) I love picking lettuce fresh from the garden for salads, and grilled chicken tastes even more delicious when it’s marinated with olive oil and herbs. The tomatoes are still green, but the strawberries and black raspberries are juicy and sweet. Here are some photos that Dad and I took over the past week.

The top two pictures below show just how much our backyard beds have flourished. The lettuce is growing strong (though the arugula is a little bitter, the others are super tasty) and the herb garden is teeming with sage and mint. This year we only have one purple basil plant, but I think next year we’ll try to include a few more since we tend to use it the most. Below are our Swiss chard plants, on the side of the house. They’re doing much better there than they did in the backyard last year, and I think part of the reason is all the extra sun they receive in that spot.

Next up, some fruits and veggies! These are our heirloom tomatoes coming in, but we also have some smaller cherry tomatoes popping up on their vines. Our green peppers are still small, but the yellow and orange peppers are getting bigger, and I’m hoping they’ll soon start to change color. We have one zucchini inching along the grass right next to one yellow summer squash. The butternut squash, which we planted later than the others, hasn’t bloomed yet.


And here’s the corn; it’s just about my height now. Down beside that to the left are our onion plants. I need to do some research on when’s the best time to pick them since I’ve never grown onions before! Any advice would be much appreciated.


One of the best parts of having a garden? Snacking on what we’ve grown (a healthy alternative to candy while I’m watching TV) and using it to make healthy salads, entrees, and desserts. In fact, today we’re going to toss some zucchini noodles with a pesto made from basil, parsley, and perhaps some tarragon. If it tastes good, I’ll be sure to share the recipe!


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