Friday’s Nightmare Dreams Big with New Music and Merch


Since 2009, Staten Island band Friday’s Nightmare has dabbled in the local music scene, playing small-scale shows and focusing on their most popular songs. But recently they stepped up their efforts, releasing a seven-song EP in 2013 and a double A-side single, Animals, in 2014 on Shoreline Records. Their DIY ethos has spurred the creation of super cute t-shirts and an upcoming music video to help build their fan base, get booked at bigger venues, and have some fun.

Friday's Nightmare is bassist Zim, second guitarist Rob, drummer Todd, and singer/lead guitarist Ilya

Friday’s Nightmare is bassist Zim, second guitarist Rob, drummer Todd, and singer/lead guitarist Ilya

As you might have realized from the photo above (or maybe not, because his hair was longer then), my boyfriend is the band’s drummer/glockenspiel player. I know not to make plans for Monday evenings because he has practice, and I know that whenever he’s texting, it’s probably to the band’s group text. Though it’s sometimes tough to fit songwriting into their schedule, the guys write their ideas into Guitar Pro and share them through Dropbox, adding new bits as they come to mind or editing each other’s work.

“Once there was a snow day, so I didn’t have to go to work,” Todd said, giving an example of his own process contributing to the band’s musical canon. “I basically decided I needed to write songs, since I didn’t know when I’d get another chance like that again. I ended up writing the new song ‘Smaller and More Conversational’ over the course of 12 hours—guitar, bass, drums, lyrics, everything at once. It was creativity fueled by desperation, but the rest of the band seems to like it.”

As for its style, Friday’s Nightmare boasts an eclectic blend of punk, pop punk, indie, post-rock, dancey, and international styles. In a recent interview with AXS, they compared the band to a platypus, because “we’re weird as hell and no one understands us.” Whereas their earlier songs were influenced by the likes of the Arctic Monkeys and other British rock bands, their newer material draws from more out-of-the-box groups like Los Campesinos!, Gogol Bordello, We Were Promised Jetpacks, and Johnny Foreigner. The tracks on Animals have a definite indie rock, Brooklyn vibe, but lack the pretension that can sometimes come with so-called “hipster” bands.

The same can be said for the two songs (‘Bears’ and ‘Sharks’) that inspired their t-shirt and sticker designs, which were created by Rob’s girlfriend Mel, whose paintings and ink drawings masterfully blur the line between cute and creepy. Although they don’t have a show lined up for the upcoming weeks, you can check out their music on their YouTube channel and keep watch for their upcoming music video. Right now, their goal is to gain more fans and get on bigger shows. But for Todd, at least, it’s more about the music and the creativity than anything else.

“I’m pretty content with just getting to play fun shows, meeting bands I like, and ultimately just having more people listen to and hopefully like our music,” he said. “The most important part of being in a band is getting the chance to have total free expression. It’s tons of fun and it’s something that doesn’t ever feel like work.”

I’d really appreciate if you could help support Todd and his bandmates by spreading the word about their stickers; t-shirts; and, most importantly, their music!

Friday's Nightmare t-shirt design

Friday’s Nightmare t-shirt design

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