Returning Home Sweet Home

Wedding Ring

Engagement ring

I love traveling, from flipping through magazines on the plane ride to exploring new places and having incredible adventures. My recent trip to Disney World with my boyfriend checked all of those boxes. We ate at some delicious restaurants, like The Wave; we ventured on Disney’s Wild Africa Trek in Animal Kingdom, which I’ll hopefully get a chance to review in a later blog post; and I saw my first Cirque Du Soleil show ever. Todd and I even found time to exercise by doing yoga in our hotel room, riding surrey bikes around the boardwalk, jogging around our resort, swimming in the pool, and walking pretty much from the moment we woke up to the minute we collapsed in bed every night. Of course, I can’t forget the most exciting part of our trip: our engagement. Todd popped the question on the observatory deck of the California Grill restaurant, right before we watched the fireworks exploding over Magic Kingdom. As you can probably guess from the picture, I said yes. After our stay in Disney World, we visited my grandparents and had a great time cooking Hungarian food like palacsinta and chicken paprikas with them. We also went bowling (they won) and played cards (they won again).

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