Bryant Park Holiday Market Food Photos


Since I’m swamped at work and don’t have much time for philosophical literary musings (or NaNoWriMo—I know, I know, that was supposed to be my Wednesday blog topic), I’m going to share some food photos from the Bryant Park holiday village instead. Every year, the winter market features small shops and food stands, as well as an ice rink. Todd and I visited recently to browse for some early Christmas gifts and get dinner; we tried so many places, and there are still others on our list for next time (cookie dough hot chocolate, I’m looking at you).

Here are some photos:


One section of the Bryant Park winter village, all lit up and glowy after work.


Roberta’s small pizza, with sausage, onions, basil, and a drizzle of honey. Deliciously crisp yet chewy crust, only I wished there had been more cheese.


A “bing” from Mr. Bing; it was like a thin pancake stuffed with duck, egg, crispy wontons, scallions, a delicious mystery sauce, and probably other ingredients I’m forgetting.


Amazing fried chicken! With a chicken bun and a beef bun, both of which were good but not anything to write home about. 


One of my favorite meals ever: a crunchy baguette filled with ham and pickles and lots and lots of gooey raclette cheese.

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