The Second Annual Chocolate 5k Run


Just when I thought nothing exciting enough to blog about would ever happen again, I scored a new PR in the second annual chocolate 5k run: 28 minutes and 32 seconds. That’s nearly two minutes faster than I ran the same course last year, so I felt pretty proud of my improvement. Here are a few highlights from the race!

The chocolate 5k, which took place a good hour and a half away from our house, was definitely worth the drive. For the $25 entry fee, you get a spiffy jersey and a drawstring bag, not to mention free food and a really great community vibe. The best part for me was getting to run with the people I love most in the world! Here we are (Todd, me, mom, and dad) wearing our race tees and posing in front of some signage:


The course primarily traveled along the roads of New Windsor, with the first two miles mostly uphill. It took a lot of work just to get going, and I think we all felt pretty winded pretty quickly. Luckily the roads were closed to through-traffic, so we got to enjoy the scenery and appreciate the friendly residents who came outside to cheer us on. At the halfway point in the course, we circled through a roundabout, which had a water station and rest point for those who needed it. Right before my dad got there, he and Todd (who was just a little bit ahead of him and already heading back) shared a high five:

A few seconds later I gave Todd a high-five, too, and then caught up to dad. I never thought the day would come when I would pass him up during a race, but he was wearing new sneakers and I think just going easy on the rest of us. I passed him up here, during the mini “trail” portion of the race, and then we ran up the steepest hill of the race (so steep that I had to walk up part of it):

And finally, a short clip of the finish line (and my mom, ending on a strong, fast note):

The race was chip-timed, which I prefer for accuracy. Another big plus: It was followed by an all-you-can-eat breakfast of eggs, sausage, and chocolate (or chocolate chip or plain) pancakes. And coffee, hot chocolate, and chocolate milk. And chocolate fountains for dipping fruit, cookies, and—my favorite—marshmallows. Yum! Unfortunately I only remembered to take a picture after eating half of it because I was starving.


After eating, we checked our time results and then stuck around for the awards ceremony. According to the official results, I ranked seventh in my age group; to place, I would have needed to run faster than 26 minutes. But I’m still happy with my PR—and maybe next year I’ll run even faster. Todd finished just ahead of me, at 27 minutes and 35 seconds. He won the second place award for males in his age group! True to theme, it was a jar of bite-size chocolates.



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