Making Some Wedding-Planning Progress


I’m a big planner: lists, colorful charts, detailed itineraries. So you can only imagine the zeal with which I’m planning what will probably be the biggest day in my life—my wedding. Luckily we started way ahead of schedule, since Todd proposed in Disney World two years from the date we planned to marry. We booked the venue, Nicotra’s Ballroom in Staten Island, as soon as possible, before the date could fill up. Then we made our way down the checklist:

Bridal Party
Originally I’d hoped for a big bridal party with my and Todd’s friends. But due to costs, friends’ travel plans, and a desire to also involve family in our wedding, we decided not to have a dedicated bridal party after all. Instead, we’re going to have our closest family walk down the aisle before us, and our best man and maid of honor stand up there with us. I’m lucky to have my cousin as my maid of honor; I know I can count on her to always be there for me. In the past we’ve created our own newsletter, started our own band, made “fancy dresses” out of our grandmother’s sewing materials, watched countless horror movies and once slept with a knife under the bed after a particularly scary flick, and have never been afraid to just act silly and be our truest selves together.


We took these photos in a mall photo booth while shopping for wedding dresses a few months ago.

We decided on a jazz band for the ceremony and cocktail hour; we wanted something that felt upbeat but still a little sophisticated. And since Todd’s a musician, he loved the idea of having live musicians play for part of our special day. As for the reception, we booked a DJ through Platinum Entertainment. What swayed us was their huge index of songs and artists available online, so we can listen to samples and select certain songs we definitely want to hear—and several that we don’t. We can even upload new songs to the database if a tune we want isn’t there already.

We thought we’d settled on a florist for the ceremony and reception, but because of recent unfortunate events, we’re back in the market for one. We want to keep the flowers low-key, like a bouquet you might picked while wandering through a sunny meadow. We do want some color, just to give them a little pop, but for the most part we’re hoping for pastels and whites. Hopefully we’ll be able to settle this soon; I’m starting to get a little nervous as the date gets closer!

The Dress
No, I still haven’t found the one, the dress whose swish is like a whisper of sweet nothings in my ear. I’ve found some that I like, a few that I really like, but I’m still on the hunt for that perfect dress. Maybe I won’t find it, and I’m trying not to stress about it, but I don’t want to give up just yet. Plus, I have to admit I kind of like trying on fluffy ball gowns and parading around in them. I’m going to try on some more this weekend, so keep your fingers crossed I’ll find one I love.


I loved the detailing on this dress, but my dad said it looked too much like lingerie, so I had to cross this one off the list.

2 thoughts on “Making Some Wedding-Planning Progress

  1. It’s so exciting to share your joy, Chris! ❤ Planning all of the special details for your big day is so much fun (and a bit overwhelming, too!). Enjoy each moment! I'll bet it's feeling real now!! ♡

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