Holiday Season Photo Post


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with laughter and joy! I had a lot of fun in the kitchen trying out some new recipes (like butternut squash & spinach lasagna and ricotta cheesecake) with Todd, and of course sharing a bountiful meal with my family. This year, I felt most thankful for Todd and his generosity and understanding, the love of and for my family, those close friends you can tell anything to, my interesting job copyediting at O and the great people I work with, the Lightbringer fantasy series by Brent Weeks, and that I have time for jogging and exercising.

The rest of the weekend passed by in a whirlwind of activity—waking up at 3 a.m. on Black Friday to go out shopping; on Saturday, decorating the apartment for the holiday season, during which time I spent least an hour just figuring out how I wanted to fold my table napkins; and, on Sunday, erecting our very first Christmas tree.

We’ve got some more festive activities in store for later this month that I’ll surely blog about (a four-mile Jingle Bell Jog! holiday markets! Rockefeller Center! ice skating! gingerbread houses!), but for now I’ll just share some photos. What were some highlights of your Thanksgiving weekend?

The Thanksgiving table, though this photo is missing the cranberry sauce and the veggies.


For dessert, we baked brownies, a ricotta cheesecake, and a plain cheesecake with a coconut-infused crust (below).


We saw a beautiful pink-tinged sky in the parking lot of Best Buy as we finished up our Black Friday shopping. For me, the day isn’t about buying massive amounts of stuff (though it’s nice to get discounts on things I do need), but about spending time browsing around and eating with my family.


Todd and I got into the holiday spirit on Saturday while decorating our apartment. He played his new Christmas records and I wore my pink reindeer ears.


I’m glad the color scheme in our kitchen lends itself to holiday decor—and of course we kept up our woodland theme!


Here’s a close-up of the display on our hutch, which I put a lot of effort into getting just right, from the gifts and glittery balls in the sleigh to the squirrel stealing cranberries.


Last but not least, our Christmas tree! Decorating the tree is one of my favorite holiday traditions, and this year did not disappoint. Todd and I put up the tree together and I strung up all the lights. Then, I styled the ribbon and beads the way my mom does on our family tree, even though we ran out of beads twice and Todd had to run out to buy some more. Finally, we added our own touch with poinsettias that match our turquoise wall and a ton of Disney ornaments. Now I just can’t wait to see some presents under there…


7 thoughts on “Holiday Season Photo Post

  1. Enjoy every moment of your first Christmas in your new home, Chris! What fun to make new holiday traditions of your own, while carrying on favorite family traditions! You might even enjoy documenting your holiday memories in a Christmas journal. I have been keeping a Christmas Memories journal for many years. I try to capture all of the small moments from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. It’s really fun to look back… and remember! Sending happy hugs! ♡

    • Thank you, Dawn! I had meant to stop by your site for Thanksgiving but somehow it slipped my mind. I hope your holiday was wonderful and peaceful. Did you do anything special?

      A Christmas Memories journal sounds like a great idea! It reminds me that my dad has videotaped Christmas morning ever since I was a little kid; one day I should just look back through all of those years!

      Have a great start to your week ❤

      • We enjoyed a nice, old-fashioned family Thanksgiving at our house. Then I spent the whole weekend decorating for Christmas! What a treasure all those videos will be! Happy December days, Chris! ♡

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