A Halloween Treat: Fall Foliage and Spooky Snacks


I have a tendency to overindulge in sweets, especially on Halloween—candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!—and especially when watching bad horror movies with my boyfriend and my best friend. This year I decided to prepare for the evening’s sugary feast by going for a four-mile morning jog in the New York Botanical Gardens.

Mile 1 began at my house (below), decked out for the season with pumpkins, leaves, and the cutest little owl. Todd and I slowly jogged one mile to the Botanical Gardens, which is free on Saturday mornings between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. Because I only recently recovered from a mysterious injury, we tried to go slow and just enjoy the sights.

Halloween House

Once inside the Botanical Gardens, the city sounds faded: no honking cars, no excited children on a sugar high. We arrived just when the gardens opened, and the stillness and peacefulness of nature really filled me with a sense of joy. We jogged past the rose garden and an upcoming lilac collection, then turned onto several paths that meander beneath the evergreen trees. We finished up Mile 2 and returned to the main road, where we saw this beautiful orange tree. And up in the sky, a pale daytime moon.

Orange tree.

Mile 3 took us through a woodsy forest trail, where the leaves crunched under our sneakers and chipmunks ran alongside us. We saw plenty of colorful trees here, but nothing could beat this view of a distant waterfall.


We spent Mile 4 crisscrossing across the Botanical Gardens. We tried to run a little faster on the last mile, and I didn’t take too many photos because I felt winded and just wanted to make it to the cafe. Once there, Todd bought a coffee for himself and a white grapefruit vanilla tea for me.

Todd holding coffee (his) & tea (mine), against a background of colorful trees.

After our jog, Todd and I headed back home to clean up the apartment and get ready for the nighttime festivities. Kids of all ages started to arrive with their candy bags held open and their costumes cute and colorful. We handed out treats for a while, and I helped my mom decorate some Halloween cupcakes before my friend arrived. We grabbed pizza for dinner from my favorite neighborhood joint, John & Joe’s on White Plains Road.

Halloween cupcakes

Afterward we baked brownies, spread our candy out on the coffee table in front of the couch, and sliced the Halloween cake I had bought from Paris Baguette. To my dismay, the cake turned out to be chocolate, even though the store employees had assured me it was vanilla. I still devoured the strawberries and cream filling, though, which tasted delicious.

Halloween cake

We wrapped up the night with a horror flick and some good old-fashioned conversation. As a bonus, I still have a ton of candy left over to enjoy throughout the week! I’ll be digging through my candy bag again tonight for sure.

Candy bag

4 thoughts on “A Halloween Treat: Fall Foliage and Spooky Snacks

  1. Wonderful Halloween memories, Chris! A run through the Botanic Gardens sounds like the perfect way to begin a {sweet} day. I just love the view of the waterfall in Autumn. I think I would have to linger there a bit to take in all of the beauty! Such fun festivities at home, too! Our Halloween weather was frightful ~ rainy, windy, and cold the entire time. Only a few brave, soggy trick-or-treaters stopped by. So, we still have a basketful of candy left! Wishing you a great start to November, Chris!

    • It is so beautiful, Dawn, especially at the height of each season. In winter I’d love to go when the entire gardens is dusted in pristine snow. Sorry to hear about your bad Halloween weather 😦 I do love seeing the kids in their costumes and handing out candy, so I’d be disappointed if the rain got in the way. Well, on the plus side, more candy for you! I hope your November starts of with wonderful memories and cherished days as well, Dawn! ❤ Thanks for stopping by.

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