Exploring New York: My Top 5 Coffee Spots…and 1 Bonus Pastry Shop


Generally, I’m a tea girl. Give me an apricot black, coconut green, or blueberry red in one of my many cute Disney mugs, and I’m set. But lately I’ve been trying out espresso-shot lattes: piping hot, iced, or somewhere in between after I’ve left it on my desk for a couple of hours. One factor driving my foray into the world of coffee: New York City boasts endless coffeehouse options, and I’m not talking about Starbucks. Here are some alternatives actually worth your five dollars.


With locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan, this Swedish shop is steadily gaining loyal followers, including me. Nothing beats its bold coffee, thick mocha sauce, or specialty sweets like cardamom bread and kanelbulle (cinnamon rolls). You’ll also find unique cookies (cocoa balls! sea salt caramel chocolate chip! green tea and white chocolate!) and moist muffins; my favorite is filled with berries and has just a hint of orange.


The Swedes know how to do coffee, it would seem. Pair FIKA’s signature espresso (which has notes of milk chocolate, lemon zest, and caramel) with the fresh, local milk used in store, and you’ve got a perfect latte. Plus, I can’t get enough of its chocolate malt balls, chocolate quinoa bars, or fig-and-rhubarb jam—all sold on the company’s online store for anyone not in New York City (or anyone too lazy to walk a few blocks).

La Colombe

This coffee-roasting company recently made headlines with its new draft latte, a delicious iced milk-and-coffee mixture, topped with a layer of foam, that comes out of a tap. It’s definitely the smoothest sip I’ve ever had, and there’s even a black-and-tan version with cold brew on the bottom and frothy latte on top.


If you like your lattes strong and flavorful, your aesthetic sleek and modern, and the added bonus of a loyalty app, this will become your go-to café. With free wifi and high-quality snacks, why would you ever leave?


I love the logo for this coffee shop—the v in kahve is designed to look like a steaming cup. And it has so many unique offerings: a zebra mocha with white and dark chocolate, a latte sweetened with local honey, and fall-inspired drinks like a toasted-coconut toffee latte and a pumpkin-spice chai-tea latte.

Hungarian Pastry Shop

I know I’ve mentioned this one before, but I love it so much that I couldn’t resist bringing it up again. The bustling location ensures an optimal people-watching experience, and the traditional Hungarian desserts are seriously out of this world. Just to tempt you to visit, here’s a photo reminder of how delectable a krémes looks…not to mention how good it tastes.

Hungarian coffee and kremes

3 thoughts on “Exploring New York: My Top 5 Coffee Spots…and 1 Bonus Pastry Shop

  1. I’m a tea drinker, too, Chris! I know I would enjoy all of your favorite coffee spots for people watching in NYC. Such an international flavor! Have a wonderful week, Chris! ♡

    • Thanks, Dawn! Nothing beats a good cup of tea, especially as the weather gets colder (though today it’s going to be 75 here, so it feels a little like it’s still summer)! Hope you have a great week as well ❤

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