So About That Half Marathon…


When I signed up for an October half marathon several months ago, I didn’t realize that I would somehow hurt my leg or that it would take weeks and weeks to heal, despite a clean MRI and this diagnosis from the doctor: “You probably just banged it. Ice it and rest.” But my idea of rest is an active one—I like to clear my mind and recharge my body through movement—so I’m ecstatic that I’m finally able to run again. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll try the half marathon; I’ll just take it day by day and see how I feel.

For now, some photos to document my joy at running again.

My colorful running sneakers, which always make me feel energetic and positive about going for a run. My mom has the same sneakers, though, in the same size, so we have to be sure not to mix them up.

Running sneakers

Todd and I out for a jog in the Bronx Botanical Garden early on a Saturday morning (when it’s free!). We managed to run three miles this day, which is pretty good considering a few weeks ago I could barely run one mile without needing to stop and walk.

Botanical Garden Run

The parkway near my house around 5:30 a.m. It was hard to wake up and go jogging because that morning felt a little chilly, but I did it—and I was so glad I got the opportunity to experience a little slice of the world before it awoke.

Morning Jog

4 thoughts on “So About That Half Marathon…

  1. Take extra-good care of yourself, Chris! {Listen to your mom!} It might be fun to watch the half marathon, cheering on the runners from the sidelines. Just being there, you will soak up their positive energy, while giving your leg more time to heal. You could still wear your very cute sneakers! 🙂 Big hugs, dear Chris! ♡

  2. Happy that you are up at at em again, but take it from someone who knows that an injury is no fun at all and take it slow! We enjoy running so much, knowing full well that we can get an injury lasting anywhere from one week to one or two months…. but we will have it no other way…. There will be plenty of other half marathons…and if you do decide to do it… I would guess you will be doing more walking than running 🙂 You do have to train yourself up to run 13 miles so take it easy….super girl 😉

    • Thanks mom! Good advice! We’ll see what happens… might not try the half marathon (because I know I’ll be tempted to try to run the whole thing)… but have to see how I feel! Taking it slow and steady 🙂

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