Good Growth: A Photo Update of My Garden


A little more than one month ago, I planted herbs and veggies in my backyard garden. Some hardy sprouts from last year returned on their own, like the lemon-scented thyme and flat-leaf parsley. Other favorites needed to be replanted, including purple basil and two pepper plants. I also introduced some new crops: Swiss chard, dill, lavender, plain sage (as opposed to last season’s pineapple sage), cinnamon basil, and three varieties of lettuce.


Herbs and veggies getting bigger!

Now they’ve all jumped up in height, and many herbs are ready to be picked. I’ve been using our delicious crunchy lettuce in the lunch I bring to work, and last week I made roasted, lavender-infused cod for dinner. Tomorrow morning I’m going to try a new potato salad recipe for our Father’s Day barbecue that calls for basil, parsley, and dill. Later in the week I might make one of my favorite pasta dishes—but this time with a parsley- or basil-based pesto to toss it in. As for the chocolate mint, I love steeping it for tea!

Garden lettuce

Lettuce bed

Our tomatoes, eggplant, and butternut squash—all on the other side of the house—have also grown pretty big since planting, but none of them are ready to be harvested just yet. I’m excited because I already have several small green peppers; I can’t wait to watch as they take on the orange and yellow hues that indicate ripeness. I’m really looking forward to dunking them in some homemade hummus when they’re ready.

Garden pepper

Tiny pepper

Although my Swiss chard has been suffering from an aphid attack (I think) and I’ve had to cut down many of the stalks, I did manage to salvage some this morning. I love all of the bright colors in this photo:

Garden harvest

Herb harvest

12 thoughts on “Good Growth: A Photo Update of My Garden

  1. It’s so wonderful to see your garden flourishing, Chris! You really do have a green thumb! Your salads sound wonderful. Chocolate mint is just ‘my cup of tea,’ too! Happy summer days, Chris! ♡

    • Thanks for stopping by, Dawn! I’m glad that working on the apartment is winding down and I’ll soon have more time to spend in the garden—after my fiance’s upcoming birthday weekend, of course haha. I hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying the beautiful summer sun ❤

      • Sounds like a great weekend celebration! Happy Birthday to Todd! Then you will need some quiet hours in the garden. We have had a very, very rainy June in Chicagoland!! My flowers are herbs are growing like crazy… and so are the weeds! We are hoping for a little summer sunshine in the days to come! Have fun! ♡

    • Thanks! 🙂 I bought a kit to check the nutrients in the soil to try and figure out how to save my Swiss chard, though unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Hopefully one of the next couple of weekends!

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