Restaurant Review: Reviver NYC


While freelance editing at O, The Oprah Magazine, I’ve been searching for healthy lunch options in the neighborhood for the days I don’t tote a salad, a sandwich, or leftovers from home. Though I’ve tried a few different fast-casual options so far, I find myself frequently returning to Reviver—“the perfect union of culinary art and nutrition science,” according to the restaurant’s website. Although the offerings  a little pricey, I think these well-crafted plates are worth the cost.

Basque Shrimp from Reviver

Basque Shrimp from Reviver

Because a licensed dietitian helped create its menu, Reviver boasts nutritious meals without empty calories. The selections all adhere to the following four key principles:

Balanced: They provide a balanced level of carbs, fats, and proteins to provide nutrients and preserve fullness.

Nutritious: Each dish features fruits or veggies, omega-3s, and fiber.

Clean: Meals avoid refined sugar and focus on whole wheat. Personally, I was hooked when I read that added sugar never accounts for more than 5% of of total calories in a meal—and what’s great is that Reviver’s nutritional chart tells you exactly how much sugar each plate has.

Pure: Poultry and fish are produced without hormones and antibiotics, and tofu is organic.

Steak and Fig Salad from Reviver

Steak and Fig Salad from Reviver

Plus, the food tastes delicious! I’ve eaten there three times, though I only took the two pictures above. Here are three mini reviews of my meals:

On my first visit, I chose the Basque Shrimp ($12.99), which featured grilled shrimp, roasted onions, zucchini and peppers, green chilies, garbanzo beans, baby kale, and seven-grain pilaf in a smoky paprika sauce. The shrimp tasted fresh, the vegetables were plentiful, the sauce provided just enough kick to get my tastebuds tingling, and the toasted almonds on top resulted in a satisfying crunch. At 460 calories, with 11 grams of fiber and no added sugar, this dish definitely made me happy.

A few weeks later, I found myself craving eggplant. Lucky for me, Reviver offers an Eggplant Provie ($7.99): roasted eggplant on warm laffa bread with melted provolone, broccoli rabe, and a roasted tomato ricotta spread. I really loved how the eggplant, cheese, and tomato ricotta spread melted together in creamy goodness, though I thought the broccoli rabe got a little lost in the mix. The sandwich, which was 530 calories, came with crunchy homemade pickles that had just the right amount of bite.

Today I decided on the Steak and Fig Salad ($12.99) because I can’t get enough of mission figs. Or steak. Or roasted butternut squash. Other ingredients included baby greens, cannellini beans, red onion, and whole wheat croutons. The salad was tossed with roasted tomato tarragon dressing and sprinkled with blue cheese. Every bite burst with delicious flavor, and all of the elements paired together really well. Of all my Reviver orders, this salad (570 calories) took the number one spot.

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