Color Me Happy: An Update on Our Apartment Renovatio


For the past two weeks, I have been completely immersed in renovating the downstairs apartment that Todd and I hope to move into by the first week in June. We’ve already ordered some furniture, picked out new kitchen cabinets and appliances, and pulled up the old carpets. Lately we’ve been focused solely on painting. Unfortunately, we’re not very good at it, so it’s a good thing we have my dad to help us out!

We still have a bit left to do, but for now I wanted to share some photos of our progress:

Living Room
My job has mostly been to paint around the borders and in the corners. Then, Todd follows behind me with the roller to fill in any empty space, and my dad gives it a final, smooth coat. We chose this turquoise for the living room and paired it with a Maui White. With the addition of sleek black and white furniture, we’re hoping for a vibe that’s part modern, part tropical paradise.

Living Room

Dining/Kitchen Area
We wanted a variety of colors in the apartment because we knew we would quickly tire of white walls. For the kitchen/dining area, we chose a green and beige color scheme that, when paired with our wooden table and bench set, will hopefully evoke a peaceful forest glade. The photo below is the very first coat of green paint we applied, so the final product is quite a bit darker (and much more even). As you can see, we hadn’t even started on the beige yet when I took this picture.

Dining Area

For the apartment’s two bedrooms, we wanted softer colors that would give our eyes and minds a break from the nature-inspired living and dining areas. We chose a light grey for the walls in our bedroom and used a darker grey for the trim. We then inverted the colors for the second bedroom, which we’re planning on using as a music room, library, and storage space. The photo below is of our bedroom—though we still have to paint and install the new closet doors!


5 thoughts on “Color Me Happy: An Update on Our Apartment Renovatio

  1. Rosalie Fleischer

    Christina, your living room is exactly same color as my sister’s! Its a beautiful turquoise, we love it! Beautiful home! God bless you and Todd forever ❤

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