Exploring New York: A Taste of Hungary


I’ve been meaning to put up a full review of The Dandelion, my favorite brunch spot in Philadelphia, but between my freelance editing gig for O, The Oprah Magazine, gutting and painting the apartment, and figuring out how to deal with Cercospora leaf spot on my Swiss chard, I just haven’t had the time. And now that the weather is warming up, I’ve also been trying to soak up the heat outdoors as much as possible: jogging, strolling aimlessly, meeting up with friends in the city. One such get-together led me to the Hungarian Pastry Shop on the Upper West Side.

Because it’s slightly removed from my daily route on the 5 train, I don’t go very often. Yet, when I do visit this little gem, I always order a krémes. It has a light pastry bottom and a custard-like vanilla filling. Though its upper flaky layer is usually topped with powdered sugar, the Hungarian Pastry Shop uses a sweet glaze that tastes a little bit like caramel. Pair it with a latte and it is irresistible.

But I don’t love the Hungarian Pastry Shop just for its desserts; I really enjoy basking in the culture. The servers are always friendly and willing to explain their offerings. True to tradition, they’ll wish you jó étvágyat (the Magyar equivalent of bon appétit) before a meal. Yesterday I pronounced krémes like a Hungarian (“cray-mesh”), and the woman behind the counter asked if I spoke the language. We had a nice conversation about it—just the impetus I needed to start honing my Hungarian skills again.

Now, without further ado, itt van a kép (here is the photo)!

Hungarian Kremes

9 thoughts on “Exploring New York: A Taste of Hungary

    • I love Budapest as well — so excited to go back for a visit next year as part of my honeymoon! You should definitely visit this pastry shop if you can 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  1. The Hungarian Pastry Shop is literally pretty much my favorite spot in NYC. I’ve actually been meaning to do a post about that little corner, with St. John the Divine across the street and etc. I lived in Harlem for a while, and would take the subway down a couple of stops to go to that spot. I love it soo much there! Discovered the Hungarian Pastry Shop on a wintry day and couldn’t believe how cozy and atmospheric it was. Thanks for posting!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I love it as well. It was definitely a favorite spot for me during college and I still try to go back as often as I can. St. John the Divine is so beautiful and so peaceful. If I were getting married in a church, I definitely would want to do it there!!

  2. Mmmmm! What a lovely temptation, Chris! It’s so great that you are using your Hungarian skills again. I’m thrilled to hear that you are doing some editing work for “O” magazine! You are definitely having a ‘sweet’ Springtime! ♡

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