A Tour of My New Spring Garden


I’ve been weeding and planting and nourishing and coaxing for the past several weeks, and now I’ve taken the first photos of this year’s garden. To my surprise, some of the herbs from last year’s garden grew back on their own—and the thyme persevered throughout the entire winter beneath the snow! Others I discovered at Home Depot and knew I had to try out, like chocolate mint and swiss chard (one of my absolute favorite leaves to use in a salad).

Without further ado, I introduce my garden for 2015. In the photo below, the back planter bed contains varieties of lettuce, and the front has a mixture of herbs and veggies. The tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, and kohlrabi—along with eggplant, broccoli, and strawberries my dad planted—are on the other side of the house because it gets more sun.

Garden 2015

You can see that the basil plant in the lower right-hand corner already wasn’t faring too well when I took this photo. Yesterday I went outside and it had all but crumbled after a few very cold and rainy days here. I’m hoping that maybe what’s left will revive; I’ll have to do some research to see how to best help it gain some strength.

Garden 2015

I’m most excited to grow some swiss chard, so I also planted a bit on the other side of the house to see which spot it will grow better in.

Garden 2015

We made sure to have a ton of parsley this year so we can experiment with pesto, and Todd wanted us to grow dill as well. (I have since gotten more dirt to cover that dill pot a little better!)

Garden 2015

8 thoughts on “A Tour of My New Spring Garden

    • Thank you! It really is; I was so surprised that it kept growing throughout the entire winter. I’m worried about my Swiss chard though because they’re getting what I think are fungal spots. The online Internet-recommended treatment I can find is to remove the diseased leaves and make sure to not water it from above. I hope that works!

  1. You’ve been busy, Chris! Your garden looks wonderful. Your gardening season is a few weeks ahead of ours. I’m still busy cleaning up the flower and herb beds. Our nighttime temperatures have been below freezing, and we have been waking up to frost the past few mornings. We can plant after May 15th in the Midwest. Can’t wait! Happy gardening! ♡

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