Sharing Some Blogs I Love


My blog has been nominated for a Liebster Award… whatever that is! I admit that I am too lazy to Google search the rules of this nomination, though I am incredibly touched that the wonderful kzzinsky thought to include me in her list of nominated blogs. (Definitely go check out her blog as well; it’s filled with amusing stories and nuggets of wisdom.)

Because I’m not quite sure what the rules of this award are, I thought I’d just forego it altogether and instead just share with you some of the blogs I’ve really been loving lately. I suspect that’s the real purpose of the award anyway—to spread the word about sites that we enjoy reading and want others to visit. So, without further ado, here are some of the blogs I’ve been frequenting lately. I wish I could list them all, but I’m limiting myself to five:

Flake and Cake
Claire covers so many great topics, all tied in to the events of her daily life, which makes this blog a very interesting read! I always love her food pictures, pet pictures, and stories of her own personal journey.

Petals. Paper. Simple Thymes.
Dawn is such a lovely person, who always has a kind word and good advice. Her personality really shines on her blog, which is a meditative, thoughtful place to read about crafting, gardening, and other simple pleasures.

A Touch of Lovely
I love that Kelsey touches upon so many topics on her blog, from delicious recipes to restaurant reviews to whatever she’s most interested in at the moment. There’s always something new to find and treasure.

Tammy’s blog provides great vegan recipes and, for all of us runners, lots of motivation and inspiration as she recounts her own runs and marathon training. Definitely a great blog for runners and nonrunners alike!

The Zero-Waste Chef
I love Anne Marie’s stories about her nearly plastic-free and zero-waste life, especially the “how to” posts that help the rest of us get a little bit closer to that goal. Plus, she’s just a genuine and kind person whose blog is well worth the read.


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