Running in Winter: My Motivation


I didn’t run very much or very often over the holiday season. Instead, I baked cherry oat bread, feasted on lobster, and practiced yoga—all of which I enjoyed immensely but didn’t leave me with the elation or satisfaction I experience after a good run. I wanted to run more in the new year, and today I received an acknowledgement of my progress in the form of a Nike+ badge for running five weeks in a row.

Although most of those runs have been brief jaunts on the treadmill or heavily bundled slow jogs outside, I’ve managed to run at least once per week for the past five weeks, totaling about 18 miles. Most of that mileage came in the past week as I started thinking more and more about the spring: flowers in bloom, birds chirping, a refreshing gentle breeze. I imagine myself in the New York Botanical Garden, jogging up and down hills and around flower beds filled with tulips, roses, herbs, and more. I imagine myself in Central Park, circling the gravel-lined reservoir and stopping for a rest at Belvedere Castle. I imagine myself back in the financial district, running along the river and seeing how far I can get before I merge back into the city streets and take a people-watching walk break.

For now, spring is my inspiration and I’m going to run more often and push myself harder so that when it arrives, I’ll be ready to hit the pavement and spend a nice, long run appreciating the beauty of nature.

What motivates you to run through the long winter?

2 thoughts on “Running in Winter: My Motivation

  1. Joann Doka

    Sounds awesome Christina!! Nothing like a good long run to rid us of the stress and get the heart pumping!! Keep up the good work and the positive attitude xoxo

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