Embarking on a Journey to Rediscover What Poetry Means to Me


As some of you know, I self-published a poetry book, “An Unfamiliar Ache,” in late 2010. It collects together material spanning the three or four years prior, and I have to admit that it includes much more teenage angst than I remember. As I flip back through its pages, I realize that most of the poems need work. Some of them need to be trashed altogether. They only represent a small sliver of the work I created during that time, and it reminds me of how much and how often I used to write.

In comparison, I only wrote one or two poems in 2014. I found every excuse to avoid it: work, school, essays, planning for a trip to Disney World, blogging, testing new recipes, doing yoga, exercising, and many others that I can’t even remember. It didn’t help that the poetry open mic I used to attend at Barnes & Noble had ceased operation and I no longer had a forum to present my writing. Of course, I could have looked up other venues—and colleagues had even helpfully suggested some to me—but I felt empty, as though I had permanently run out of words.

It’s time to end this procrastination and overcome the fear that I won’t have anything left to say. Though poetry didn’t make an appearance on my list of resolutions for 2015, I’d like to add it now. My goal is to write at least three poems per week for the rest of the year, perhaps trying to post a sample on this blog once per month to keep myself accountable. When I start writing again, I know it’ll drive me to search out other writers and places to read or listen. I’m excited to rediscover the joy I used to find in writing poetry, and I’m thankful to have all of your encouragement along the way.

4 thoughts on “Embarking on a Journey to Rediscover What Poetry Means to Me

  1. So happy to hear that you are embarking on this journey, Chris! It will be exciting to connect with other poets online. Your blog will be a wonderful place to share your poetry! I’m looking forward to reading your poems here, too. Enjoy! ♡

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