A Journey through Ikea for Apartment Ideas


It really does feel like a journey to wander through an Ikea. Around each bend, a new showroom beckons with furniture that doesn’t fit your color scheme but looks so awesome you can’t resist touching it and checking out the price. In the Marketplace, you load one set of plates into your cart, only to replace it twice with sets you like better. You end up buying a black lamp because it was only $9 and you never know when you’re going to need it. Finally, after three hours, you make your purchases, bring them out to the car, and then go back inside the store because you can’t resist Swedish meatballs, mashed potato, and lingonberries.

Todd and I made a trip to Ikea yesterday to get some design ideas for the apartment we’re moving into this summer. I thought I would share some photos of what we found. First, there was this awesome white tv cabinet that we’re thinking of using in the living room if we don’t just go with a simple white tv stand. The storage that this unit offers is a big plus. The apartment isn’t small, but we have a lot of paraphernalia, and this would be a good place to keep some of it. Of course, we will not have a lime green wall, so that might change things a bit.

Photo Jan 11, 3 27 01 PM

Next, we stumbled upon my perfect library set up, though the bookshelves would have to be black. But I could definitely imagine writing at that desk with all of those books surrounding me. I’m not sure if it will physically fit in the space, considering we’ll also have Todd’s electronic drum set in the same room, but I’d like to keep it in mind as a concept at least.

Photo Jan 11, 3 30 58 PM

Another piece of furniture I fell in love with was this set of tall wooden cabinets. Each cabinet is sold separately, so we could only opt to get one if that’s all we could fit in the bedroom. Inside, there’s space to hang up clothes that you don’t want to get wrinkled and there are even pull-out racks for jeans or shoes.

Photo Jan 11, 4 00 43 PM

Long after my Fitbit vibrated to let me know that we had walked 10,000 steps (though that also counts our 2.5 mile jog in the morning), we finally sat down to eat dinner. Todd got the Swedish meatball platter and I got a salad with chicken, tomato, cranberries, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing, with a veggie biscuit on the side. And I admit that I stole some of Todd’s salted caramel cake, which was delicious!

Ikea food

Even if you’re not hunting for apartment designs, I’d recommend going to Ikea if you have a spare afternoon and nothing better to do. Not only is it a feast for your senses, but you’ll get a good workout navigating its many twists and turns!

10 thoughts on “A Journey through Ikea for Apartment Ideas

  1. What a fun afternoon at IKEA, Chris! I love spending hours there, too, just looking at everything. Have fun planning for your new apartment! So many possibilities… How will you ever decide???? ♡

    • Hi Dawn! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I have no idea how we’ll decide… but I’m sure we’ll change our minds several times before we finally do haha ❤

  2. Yeah, I´m an Ikea-fan too… I have this secret fantasy where someone comes up to me and says: “I have an empty apartment I´d like you to decorate. Here´s my creditcard. Go to Ikea and go wild.” I´ve lived in so many different apartments that I´ve become quite apt at putting pieces of furniture together and taking them apart again, and that´s something I learned from those Ikea instructions. Very good for your self-esteem 🙂 How exciting to be moving into a new apartment this summer! I wish you load of fun preparing!

    • Haha… if only that fantasy would come true! That would be so much fun because there are so many different styles you could try out. Thank you! It’s very exciting, though a little bit overwhelming since we have a lot to do. But, we still have time, and luckily we love to plan ahead 🙂

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