Running the Haunted Island 5k


I didn’t have any reason to go costume shopping the weekend before Halloween, so I decided to run the Haunted Island 5k on Roosevelt Island instead. Though some people got decked out in costume—including my dad—I just settled for wearing my monster hoodie. Todd didn’t have a costume at all, so I didn’t feel too bad. Before the race, Halloween hits blasted out to get runners energized, and the post-race party featured candy and other snacks.

Here are some photos from the race. This is my scary monster “costume.”


Here’s my dad’s evil clown costume. Doesn’t he look awesome? He didn’t win the costume contest, but I think he should have. Everyone wanted to take a photo with him during the event! And imagine how the runners felt when an evil clown passed them up on the course to finish in 27:43, 5th in his age group and 118th overall (out of 636).


Todd and I both suffered from stomach cramps during the run; we blamed it on the heavy, cheesy bacon pizza we had eaten the night before. He did better than me, though, with a time of 28:48, 30th in his age group and 142nd overall. I straggled in at 30:32, 52nd in my age group and 213th overall. I definitely didn’t hit a new PR, and I didn’t even achieve my goal of running sub-30 minutes, but I came really close. I guess the only thing to do is to sign up for another race and try again!


Even if you didn’t place, you still received a really cool medal.


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