Photo Post


Some pretty big life developments are in the works right now that I truly hope to get the chance to share with you soon. For now, because I don’t have a ton of time but don’t want to forget about posting on this blog, I thought I would do a short, fun photo post to give you a glimpse into my weekend. And I’m already looking forward to the upcoming weekend because I’m going apple picking! Hopefully that will lead to some great recipes I can share.

Last week, I dyed my hair an auburn color. I’ve previously had several different hair colors, but this might be my favorite so far:

On Friday, I trekked out to Brooklyn after work to see Todd’s band, Friday’s Nightmare, play a show at The Knitting Factory. Before the show, we ate at the Meatball Shop, which was delicious. I had bratwurst balls with classic tomato sauce and a side of lemon-olive Swiss chard:


Here’s a picture of the band performing:


Good thing I ran 4.5 miles on Sunday, because the day before that, I stuffed my face with tuxedo cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. I think I’ve had enough cheesecake now to last me the next six months:

We were celebrating my parents’ wedding anniversary. Aren’t they just adorable? Still so in love:



7 thoughts on “Photo Post

  1. It’s such fun to peek into your busy life, Chris! Love your auburn locks. It’s so nice to ‘meet’ your family, too! Best wishes with all of the exciting things happening. Take time to ‘count your blessings out loud’ every day! Have a fantastic week! ♡

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