Jogging and Exploring at Walt Disney World’s Art of Animation Resort


Todd and I have been having a great couple of days at Disney World so far, even though we haven’t actually gone to any of the theme parks yet. On our first day, we had a really fresh dinner at Artist’s Point, and yesterday we spent some time strolling along the boardwalk, renting surrey bikes, and playing miniature golf. We also ate a couple of snacks, including a delicious (but slightly overwhelming in the Florida heat) peanut butter, bacon, and banana brownie bar.

Boardwalk Bakery

When we got back to our hotel, Art of Animation, we both felt like we needed to get some more exercise, even though we had walked around pretty much all day. We decided to check out some of the sights of our cute hotel with our running sneakers laced up. We kept up a pretty good pace, despite having to dodge some little princesses and one cute family all wearing Incredibles t-shirts. We started out in the Little Mermaid section, which is where our super cute room is located. The Little Mermaid building is closest to the pool, and our building (Ursula) is a little off to the right.

Art of Animation

The perimeter of the hotel winds along the lake that leads to the Pop Century resort. We noticed that the walls of the Lion King and Finding Nemo buildings are adorned with some cool sketches.


We looped around the resort a few times, checking our Nike+ apps to judge when we would reach our goal of two miles. Eventually we came across the Big Blue Pool in the Finding Nemo section, which plays music and dialogue from the movie, but you can only hear it if you’re under the water. We saw some cute characters around there.


Finally, we made it, braving the Florida heat and humidity. Lesson for next time: don’t forget to apply sunblock! A little red and more than a little sweaty, we decided to celebrate our fitness adventures with (what else?) dinner! I enjoyed a tasty meal of butter chicken, rice, tomato cauliflower, and roasted acorn squash in the hotel food court, Landscape of Flavors.

Art of Animation

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