My First Garden Haul


After finally managing to complete a whole Insanity cardio circuit workout yesterday, I decided to check on my garden while my dad flipped some turkey burgers and eggplant on the grill. (The eggplant was from his garden and he made a delicious miso sauce for it; check out a photo on my Facebook page.)


The first thing I noticed: my purple basil plants seemed to have had a growth spurt this week, probably since I haven’t clipped them in a while. Sadly, I also saw one baby pepper, no bigger than my big toe, that had fallen from its stem and rested in the dirt, doomed never to grow. Though I momentarily mourned its short little life, I perked up when I noticed that my other two purple peppers were nearly ripe.


Two of the edible flowers that I started from seeds had bloomed as well. One didn’t seem ready for picking, but I did pluck and try the other. It had a subtle peppery flavor, but I probably need to eat a little bit more than I did to really get the taste. I then saw, to my great excitement, my very first ripened tomato! Once I had it in hand, I felt a little disappointed because its top had cracked a bit and its skin didn’t look smooth and flawless red. But after I washed it and put it atop my turkey burger and bit into it, it tasted delicious, and I was reminded that something doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be beautiful.


2 thoughts on “My First Garden Haul

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement, Dawn! For a while there I thought my tomatoes would never turn red; now at least I have hope for the rest of them 🙂 Have a wonderful evening ❤

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