Countdown to Disney: MagicBand Arrival


Along with the new Fastpass+ (FP+) system of booking rides and attractions in advance, Walt Disney World’s MyMagic+ initiative includes wearable technology: MagicBands. These colorful bracelets contain all of your FP+ data, act as your room key and theme park tickets, and can even charge purchases to your hotel room. Although Todd and I weren’t expecting ours to arrive until later in the week, they surprised us by coming on the mail on Saturday!

Magic Bands

To explain how the MagicBand works, it’s probably best to quote Disney’s official description: “The benefits of MyMagic+ are delivered using either radio frequency (RF) technology-enabled MagicBands or RF cards. … The RF Device you receive is unique to you and allows us to authenticate you and the benefits associated with you.” Basically, Disney uses the device to collect personal and anonymous information about park and resorts guests–which rides they’re enjoying, which eateries and shops they’re frequenting, and which areas get the most crowded at certain times during the day, among other data.

Magic BandsThe MagicBands themselves looked a little uncomfortable at first, but they’re pretty adjustable. Mine fit snugly around my wrist at about the same place I typically wear my watch, and after a few minutes I didn’t really notice it much anymore. Todd has a larger and bonier wrist than I do, and he found that his MagicBand felt more comfortable when he wore it a little further back on his arm. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how they feel after wearing them for a whole day in the park, but I don’t think it will cause a problem. I just hope that they don’t fall off since they’re only secured by two little clips in the back.

Disney MagicBand

The other thing that arrived in the mail on Saturday: a Disney Side decal that Todd and I had designed to resemble us. Though we had originally planned to peel the decal and put it on his car window, we’ve decided to hold on to it and use it to customize the pin board we’re going to create when we return from our trip.

A "Disney Side" decal that Todd and I designed

A “Disney Side” decal that Todd and I designed

With the arrival of both packages, it’s dawning on me that our trip is really only three weeks away. I can’t wait … not just because I need a vacation, but because I’m excited to post trip updates and food reviews to this blog!

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