Congratulations to My Dad


When I was a baby, my dad sang me to sleep. In elementary school, he played Barbie fashion show with me and helped me study. In high school, he picked me up and dropped me off and never complained. In college, he supported my decisions and put up with a series of questionable boyfriends. These days, my dad sometimes tries to convince me to move out of the house (I know he doesn’t mean it!), but he’s always  there for me–whether it’s building me a garden box or offering up his support. Today, I was proud to be there for him and show my support at a luncheon thrown by his coworkers to wish him luck at his new job, which he starts later this month.

My dad

One of the things I admire about my dad is his tenacity and his positive spirit (not to mention his bow ties). Even when his career took an unexpected turn last year, he remained hopeful that everything happens for a reason and that God would lead him to something better. At the luncheon, it was evident how much my dad was valued, not just for his work ethic and his dedication, but also for his humor and good cheer. His thank you speech, peppered with jokes to lighten the mood, came from the heart. He made a point that I sincerely respect and agree with: it’s not the size of a person’s bank roll that matters, but the relationships forged with family, friends, and others. As he moves into his new career, I know my dad will continue to make us all proud. And in between pestering him to play Clue with me and breaking his chops, I will try to soak up as many lessons from him as I can.

My parents after the luncheon held for my dad.

My parents after the luncheon held for my dad.



11 thoughts on “Congratulations to My Dad

  1. Joann Doka

    Beautiful and very sentimental! I can see how you treasure your relationship and each other ❤ Love you both!!!

  2. Frank Doka

    Awe, thanks for your support and love. You will always be my little girl, but that doesn’t mean you can’t move out 🙂 Love you lots, always and forever your dad XOXOXOXO

  3. What a lovely tribute to your dad, Chris! So happy that you can be there for one another! You are very wise to soak up all of his lessons. He must be so proud of you! ♡

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