Exploring New York: Brooklyn Bridge Park


On one of our first dates, Todd and I met up at City Hall Park in the Financial District and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. On the other side of the river, we stumbled upon Brooklyn Bridge Park, which seemed like a hidden gem amid crumbly brick buildings and a quaint ice cream parlor. On Saturday, we revisited the park as part of Todd’s birthday celebration in the city. Although some things have changed since our first visit, it remains a peaceful getaway where you can view the city from afar.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

View of Brooklyn Bridge and the Freedom Tower from Brooklyn Bridge Park

During our visit, we realized that several new pathways had been created and numerous trees had been planted, dividing the grass into a couple of distinct lawns. Sunbathers and couples lounged on blankets and tourists took photos of the East River and each other. Kayak rentals were offered along the pier, but Todd and I didn’t partake because a long line had already formed. Instead, we walked across an elevated pathway designed to wobble with each step. After exploring for a while, we sat together on a bench and held hands and recalled our earlier date with fondness. Then we ate some candy to hold ourselves over until our 6 p.m. reservation at David Burke Kitchen.


3 thoughts on “Exploring New York: Brooklyn Bridge Park

  1. What a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, Chris! The NYC skyline looks beautiful from Brooklyn Bridge Park. I think it’s lovely to revisit some favorite places and remember how you have grown as a couple. We often do the same thing! Happy summer days! ♡

    • Thanks, Dawn. Sometimes I appreciate Manhattan more when I’m not actually in it haha. I can’t wait to post about the dinner we had that night; it was delicious! Enjoy your days as well; the weather is gorgeous now! 🙂 ❤

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