Growing My Green Thumb: Italian Parsley


I almost forgot that along with my purple basil and pineapple sage–the two herbs I rely on most from my garden–I’m growing flat Italian parsley, which is “probably the most commonly used herb in the world!” (One day soon I’ll share with you a healthy and delicious pasta recipe that relies primarily on Italian parsley, roasted tomatoes, and cottage cheese.)

The Italian Parsley is the smaller plant on the left; the large plant of the right is a beefsteak tomato

The Italian Parsley is the smaller plant on the left; the large plant in the center is a beefsteak tomato, and on the right is a striped heirloom tomato plant.

Native to the Mediterranean region, parsley grows best in well-drained soil that gets plenty of sun but is also partially in the shade, according to Bonnie Plants. I was worried that it’s being overshadowed by my giant beefsteak tomato plant, but now I think maybe that’s okay since it gives the parsley some relief from the glaring sun during the day. Although I’ve got my parsley nestled into my flower bed, Bonnie Plants notes that it’s also a great herb to grow in a pot during the cooler months.

Parsley’s “slightly peppery” taste is strongest when its leaves are a bright green, and I love the way it leaves its scent on my fingers after I handle its stalks. Great for a variety of dishes and “easy to chop, the nutritious flat leaves are high in iron and in vitamins A, C, and E,” according to Bonnie Plants. It is often used as a garnish, but it can also be used in pastas or stews. The Food Network website notes that, once you wash it and make sure it is completely free of remaining moisture, you can store Italian parsley in the refrigerator for up to a week.

7 thoughts on “Growing My Green Thumb: Italian Parsley

  1. Your garden is coming along nicely. When I see pics like this I wish I had more sun! Do you know if parsley grows well in shade? That’s what I have mostly. I’m grateful for a cool home thanks to the giant oak in my yard but plants I try to grow tend to be spindly.

    • Thanks! I hope my little green tomatoes actually ripen 🙂 Well, they’re supposed to do well if they’re in shade for half the time, and Italian parsley is supposed to be especially hardy, so I would definitely suggest giving it a shot.

  2. Happy Summer, Chris! Your garden is really taking off now. I think you are going to be a lifelong gardener. What could be sweeter? Enjoy every moment.. ♡

    • Thanks, Dawn! I actually just finished weeding and trimming a bit; luckily it’s a beautiful day for my plants — not too unbearable sunny, but nice and warm.

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