Countdown to Disney: Olaf’s Adventures


As of today, 50 days remain until I go to Disney World with my boyfriend this August. We’ve been planning for the trip for quite some time; we already made all of our dining reservations and picked out our FP+ options. So to celebrate this milestone of our trip-planning journey and the magic of Disney, I decided that it was time for a very silly post, which led me to dream up the adventures that Olaf must have while I’m at work editing manuscripts.

Some mornings, he wakes up at 5 a.m. and catches up on all the latest news.

Olaf readingDuring the day, he finds plenty of ways to keep himself busy, like playing dress up…


…. or crocheting a scarf that will hopefully keep me warm in the winter.


But no matter how many fun things he finds to do, Olaf keeps peeking out from behind the door of my room to see if I’ve arrived home yet.

10427998_10204264945610086_9193989800057720688_nWhen I do finally get home, Olaf often tries to exercise with me. He especially loves doing yoga.


All too soon, it’s time for Olaf to say his prayers…


… and cuddle with his stuffed lamb in hopes of getting a good night’s sleep. Whew, adventuring can get tiresome!



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