Reaching My 5k Goal


When I made it a goal on New Year’s Eve to run at least three 5k races this year, I didn’t anticipate crossing it off my list so quickly, nor did I think that I would get progressively faster with each run. In April’s Run for the Wild, I ran 3.1 miles in about 34 minutes. Earlier in May at the NYPD 13th Annual Memorial run, my time fell just under 30 minutes, at 29 minutes and 54 seconds. On Memorial Day at the NYCRuns Ice Cream Social on Roosevelt Island, I just barely beat my record: 29 minutes and 48 seconds.



Todd and I got there super early via the air tram that traverses over the East River between Manhattan and Roosevelt Island. We picked up our race bibs and picked a spot on Firefighter’s Field to prepare and watch other runners arrive. We stretched our muscles and jogged in place to warm up our bodies. We applied more sunblock as the start time neared.

I really enjoyed the race course. Although not as smooth or straight as the NYPD run downtown, the jogging path offered sparkling glimpses of the city across the river. If I hadn’t been so busy trying to actually beat my prior time, I would have stopped to take a picture. (By the way, here are some photos taken by the NYC Runs team of me during the race.) The water shimmered in the sun and residents stood by the sidelines and cheered us on. Two little boys held their hands outstretched, and we runners all veered toward them to give them high fives as we passed.

Afterward, NYCRuns staff members handed our frozen fruit bars, but Todd and I decided to hold out for gelato later in the day. Some runners downed free Muscle Milk shakes and others chose from among the assorted bagel spread. Overall winners and winners in each age group earned a plaque. Although I didn’t place, I felt proud. I ranked 170 out of about 400 runners, and 22 out of the 102 finishers in my age group (female 20 to 29). Even though I’ve reached my third 5k, I don’t plan to stop running. In fact, my next goal is going to be beating my boyfriend!

Nothing better than cooling down after a hard run with delicious gelato.

Nothing better than cooling down with  chocolate and vanilla bean gelato.


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